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Jul 26, 2018

This is episode 50 and it's [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji]. This week has been thin on patch notes, but we still got some tidbits for y'all. An Xbox community letter, a new Q&A segment, long chats about the currently running PUBG PGI tournament, your answers to this week's Question of the Week, and some kick ass...

Jul 19, 2018

So few patch notes this week, which is a good thing after the onslaught last week. We beef up the XBOX BOX with a special guest, talk PC Patch 18 which includes custom games, John makes great points about comm chatter, and we hear some fantastic HOTLINE calls!

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Jul 12, 2018

WE BACK BABY. So many patch notes to catch up on, so this is a big one. On top of that, John gives you some sweet tips for using scopes, we read off your answers to the question of the week, and listen to your HOTLINE rants! 

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